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Runway Tires are produced by Giti Tire, one of the world’s largest tire companies.

Production & Quality Management

Quality Control Systems

Runway tires, produced by Giti Tire, are put through one of the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control systems in the industry, in order to ensure a high quality and safe driving experience. Headquartered in Singapore, Giti Tire’s production manufacturing facilities make many millions of tires each year for sale in more than 130 countries, ensuring a highly experienced process from the material to the final tire that goes onto your vehicle.

Giti Tire has implemented a comprehensive quality control system at all of its tire plants, that meet all global standards. The company conducts inspections at each stage of the production process to ensure that each component meets relevant specifications and standards.

Giti subjects tires to a final personal inspection before packaging them for delivery. With the use of an internal numbering system, the factories and distribution centers are able to monitor the employee group responsible for a particular production process, for each tire that is produced. If there are any defects, no matter how small, the tire will not be released for sale.

All Runway tires include a single barcode located on the tire’s sidewall, allowing for tracing from the raw materials used, all the way to the final product.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Certifications

Giti Tire is dedicated to keeping the highest health and safety standards for employees and customers. All production plants have obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 (the highest standard of quality control) and ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditations, ensuring the company’s status as one of the largest and most advanced in the world.

In addition to a focus on operational excellence and efficiency, Giti’s system of excellence also stresses on the importance of employee health and safety in the workplace, as well as environmental sustainability. This is done by keeping tight controls on material use, as well as reducing natural resources and increasing tire reuse.

A Meticulous and Complex Production Process

Tire production requires the best people, materials, machines, and processes, and Giti Tire employees are passionate about building a better and safer tire. An extensive production and testing system allows tires to be produced from raw materials through a process of mixing, building, curing, and testing. Giti focuses on the development of equipment, processes, and knowledge to keep a top level of quality in today’s competitive tire marketplace.

Giti Tire's international certifications for quality and safety include, among others:

Research & Development

Creating Top-Class Tires for an Affordable Price

Giti Tire puts a great deal of effort into top tires for its customers. To do this, an extensive amount of research and development is required around the world, and is supported by R&D centers in in the Unites States, Germany, China, Indonesia, and the UK. All centers include modern equipment and diverse, experienced personnel, so that every detail of the tire is considered.

In addition, Giti also collaborates with top research institutes and universities around the globe, to share and further develop its processes.

International Experience with a Multinational Background

Giti Tire’s R&D personnel are made up of numerous different nationalities, creating a diverse atmosphere with cumulative knowledge and expertise. When combined with state-of-the-art tools and methods, the company can produce top quality products at a cost that provides savings to consumers.

Proving Grounds

Following a successful indoor testing process, Runway tires go through a rugged an extensive outdoor use in one or more proving ground sites in the United Kingdom, China, and Finland.

On the test tracks, skilled drivers put tires through the paces to measure:

  • Handling and Stability at High Speeds
  • Riding Comfort
  • Wet Handling
  • Braking and Cornering
  • Noise Levels (both inside the vehicle and outside)
  • And more

After a few extensive rounds of testing, the tire is finally ready for your vehicle. When you purchase a tire that has the Runway brand, you can do so with confidence in the fact that it was born from one of the most strenuous R&D programs in the industry.

Minivan Towards Horizon

Environmentally Friendly Tires

Today’s motorists are looking for safety, long tread life, fuel savings, and services that make traveling easier.

Runway tires not only deliver a tire balanced with safety and durability, but also less fuel consumption and waste, to meet the expectations of each customer.

A Sustainable Future

Tire Usage Conservation

More than 60% of the world’s oil output is used in transportation. In trucks/buses, tires contribute to approximately 30% of fuel consumption, or one full tank on every 3 trucks/buses, that can be saved by using the right tires with correct maintenance.

Along with advancements in passenger car technology, Giti Tire has successfully developed truck tire production that consumes less fuel without sacrificing performance, and is verified by top tire regulators, including SmartWay.

In addition, Giti Tire continually attempts to educate the public about the most fuel efficient ways to make use of a tire, how to select and maintain energy saving tires while providing the most professional solutions, and giving advice to fleets and users on how to reduce fuel consumption and cost. By providing the right tires and relevant technical support, Giti promotes sustainable development of the industry while creating environmental benefits to the society.

Tire Manufacturing Conservation

Energy and non-renewable raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive. Optimizing their use and conserving them over the long term is essential. The challenge is to meet all of these goals without sacrificing tire performance, while being mindful of responsibility to the environment and the people who live in it.

In this way, Giti Tire is committed to reducing air emissions, water usage, scrap, and indirect materials, while increasing reuse and recycling.

Environmental Conservation & Community Outreach

Giti Tire has donated millions of dollars to environmental conservation and other community projects. Among those include Northern Sumatra (Indonesia) and the mountains of Southwest China, in a partnership agreement with Conservation International (CI). Protecting forest areas from conversion into vegetation with lower biomass (tree plantations or agriculture) conserves about 100 tons of carbon per hectare, or 26 million tons of carbon in total. This is equivalent to about 100 years of carbon emissions resulting from coal burning at Giti Tire plants.

In addition to environmental initiatives, Giti Tire also financially supports health and education outreach activities in the communities it is in.

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